Your original purchase of RK sealed-ring chain is warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship to the original purchaser for 20,000 of street use or two years from date of purchase, which ever comes first.  Off-Road sealed chains are warranted for one-year of off-road use. There is absolutely NO warranty of any kind for an RK Chain used in any racing competition.



RK Sealed Chain Warranty


If you’ve purchased an RK Sealed Chain (SO, XSO, MAX, GXW, EXW, ZXW or MXU) please click the Chain Warranty Card Form Button below.



RK Chain and Sprocket Kit Warranty “RED” Kits only


If you’ve purchased a "RED" RK Warranty Chain and Sprocket Kit, click The Chain Kit Warranty Form Button below.

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When cleaning and maintaining your chain, use a cleaner specific to motorcycle chains! Do not use brake cleaner, engine cleaner, or any cleaner that contains acid or caustic chemicals.