Excel A60 Rims

The ultimate in motocross racing rims.  A60 Rims are structurally 15% stronger than our legendary Takasago Excel Signature Series racing rims.  A60's V-Curve profile helps reduce mud buildup, reducing rotating mass.

Excel Takasago Rims

The number one selling motorcycle rim in the world.  Excel Takasago Rims are constructed of aluminum alloy meeting or exceeding OEM quality. Available in a wide range of sizes, widths and colors.

Excel Notako Rims

Notako Rims were developed for enthusiasts looking for a replacement rim at a good value for their money.  Notako Rims are extruded using an economical aluminum alloy to give Notako the performance that Excel represents.  Available in Silver or Black.

Spoke Kits

Choose from Excel's top of the line 302x Polished Stainless Steel Kits for added strength and durability or choose economically priced Notako's high carbon steel spokes with steel nipples.

Excel Tools and Accessories

Take the guesswork out of wheel building and truing with Excel's Adjustable Spoke Torque Wrench.  The Excel Torque Wrench is easily adjustable with a range of 15-60 inch lbs. Additional and replacement heads are available in sizes 5.1mm to 7.2mm.

Blemished and Closeout Items!

Check the list of various product that we currently have on closeout or check the list of blemished items.  Blemished items feature only cosmetic issues which will NOT affect the performance aspect of the product.  You can save quite a bit of money if you don't mind a scratch or two.

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When cleaning and maintaining your Excel Rims, use a PH balanced cleaner similar to dish soap or shampoo. Do not use brake cleaner, engine cleaner, Simple Green or any cleaner that contains acid or caustic chemicals.